W.H.GOSS China Commemorative plate Worthing

W.H.GOSS China Commemorative plate Worthing




W.H.GossGoss China, refers to the products of the Falcon Pottery, situated in Stoke on Trent.

W H Goss sculpted classical figures or groups and busts for the Copeland factory with which the Copeland name was to become synonymous with.

W H Goss, as a young man, was befriended by Alderman Copeland while studying in London. W H Goss spent some time at Somerset House in London which was then the School of Art and Design. On graduating he was appointed Chief designer at the Copeland factory in Stoke on Trent and

In 1858, at the age of 25, he started his own company and continued to produce similar wares in competition with Copeland making vases and scent bottles in elaborate designs. Early in his career he entered into partnership with a Mr. Peake, a terracotta roofing tile manufacturer, and during this period produced a range of terracotta water coolers, spill vases and other wares. This partnership did not last for more than a year and they went their own separate ways.

In the early 1880’s William’s eldest son, Adolphus, joined the firm. He had been brought up in a home adorned with antiques. In those days an antique was either Greek or Roman. As a child Adolphus had an interest in heraldry and soon suggested to his father that they take advantage of the new niche market of seaside souvenir collecting by producing miniature copies of Greek and Roman pots and vases decorated with the coat of arms of coastal towns to be sold as “seaside souvenirs”.

This caught on and become a collecting craze. Soon seaside resorts and virtually every town and city in the land had it’s coat arms produced by Goss.

It is believed that, in 1910, some 95% of homes in Britain had “Crested china” made by Goss.

Image and some text courtesy : GossCollectorsClub

W.H.GOSS China Commemorative plate Worthing

Falcon Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent (Below)

Image courtesy : Adders.

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