Vintage Floating Fretboard Guitar Neck ROTOSOUND SUPERWOUND & ERNIE BALL Strings.

Vintage Acoustic Guitar Neck with Fretboard Floating above the Soundboard, with origonal Head Tuning-peg-nuts and Saddle, 5 (five) New Unused Vintage Guitar Strings.
The guitar strings are 4 vintage guitar strings by: ROTOSOUND SUPERWOUND* James How Industries,

  1.  042,
  2. .032,
  3. .024,
  4. .016,
    (Note! spelt: James How Industries, not: James Howe Industries, as it is today).
    1 (one) Vintage guitar string by: ERNIE BALL CUSTOM GAUGE STRING – USA.
  1. /.009,

The condition is as you see it, damaged with lots of little scuffs, scratches and marks, very well used and loved item at the time.

The main soundboard was smashed during a move, the neck was salvaged for sentimental reasons, but later dropped and damaged the end.
Restoration project for the enthusiast or professional, looking to restore a similar vintage acoustic guitar.

Several years ago I was in a guitar store in Wisconsin to buy bass strings. They had two different kinds of Rotosound strings- Swingbass 66s, and another set that the package boasted were “superwound.” They were fantastic strings, so when they wore out I went back for more- but no! I’ve never seen them since. Was I dreaming?


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